Meetings (Workshop Proposal)

Chile 2014

Report on the working group “NETI: Network for Ecological Theory Integration I” held in Chile October 21-28, 2014, co-organized by Pablo Marquet (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile & SFI) and Jennifer Dunne (SFI). Summary This working group was the first meeting of a formal international academic collaboration network around the topic of integration of theories … Continue reading “Chile 2014”

NCEAS 2007

Summary This proposal will support the efforts of an interdisciplinary group of ecologists, physicists and mathematicians to unify three areas of theoretical ecology that have advanced rapidly over the past decade: metabolic scaling theory, neutral biodiversity theory, and spatial macroecology theory. These theories have all yielded quantitative predictions that show striking agreement with patterns observed … Continue reading “NCEAS 2007”

Chile 2005

Background Ecology deals with the interactions that occur among entities found forming networks that exchange energy, materials, and information among themselves and with the physicochemical environment wherein they are embedded. The components of these networks, in contrast with those characterizing organismic and cellular processes, are readily observable in nature and hold the promise of allowing … Continue reading “Chile 2005”